• Sharon Dorival

Reclaiming all the Love Parts

Reclaiming all the love parts? Oh it hot. It hot. Every abused part is on de attack; Clinging to preserve her sanity. You know man all the misinformation, screaming, shouting and lashes. All the woman wants to do is cringe into solitude. Sole intention is to find out what the hell happened? Love was the best thing she knew. Climax was awesome. Then BAM! What the fuck happened? What did you do that for? No! Please stop! I won't take your bleddy blows. I don't need your well thought out lies. Scram! you mother fucker. Love is never what it seem! Oh silence is beyond words my love. The faults of our lover is too clear to us now. But it is well to seem to shut our eyes. Say "I love you. I am sorry." Maybe then the basher will grow vulnerable enough to admit wrong. -Sharon Dorival 2016.

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May God continue to bless our relationship.