• Sharon Dorival


At the core of every secret lies the truth

Truth you are unwilling to divulge.

Some lies coincide with truth But they're never quite the same.

Do you really want to know the truth?

I think you won't be able to handle it. You are too phony for that.

Every single lie is in some way the truth. Every single truth is in some way a lie.

Most people blindly seek the truth But no one can find the truth until they look within themselves.

Honestly no one wants that responsibility.

Little do they know It is an honor to speak the truth to those who know not their strength. You awaken them. You empower them in ways you do not know.

But no one really wants the truth. Everyone wants a chaser. No one wants it loud. No one wants the truth When it's not watered down.

Truth is It's so readily Manipulated Tainted and Distorted.

Truth is everyone seeks it but hardly anyone uses it.

Truth is Whatever they say.

Truth might sound like madness

Truth is not always welcomed but I will say it anyway. Copyright Sharon Dorival 2016

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