• Sharon Dorival

Take Dominica Home

Who's going to take Dominica home tonight?

She doesn't need you to abuse her Nor does she want you to belittle her Or use fear to control her.

Waitikubuli She wants you to romance her Walk with her Talk with her Kiss her while in the eyes of Dominican Stars Not only while in the view of foreign stars.

Love her. That's what she yearns for.

Stop telling her you are sorry and when Friday night comes you trash her up again. She needs to make it home alive. She just might be the lunatic you are looking for.

Do you remember how she asked you just to take her as she is?

And if she is crazy it is all because of you.

It's not too late to fight.

It's not too late to change her.

And it's definitely not too late to save her!

She is my destiny. She is my Dominica. ©Sharon Dorival 2016

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May God continue to bless our relationship.