• Sharon Dorival

Kill The Babies!


Why have these two classes been persecuted more than ever in the history of the world? -The Jews and the Christians -

Why did the motto always seem to be KILL THE BABIES? SLAY THEM!

Oh how blinded were the minds of the unbelievers! The indifference of the human heart gave Satan total advantage.


They never realized that it's only when Satan cannot prevent a change of heart does he seek to KILL THE BABIES!

As Pharaoh flung these new-born sons into the Nile, So would Satan fling the infant Christian into the swirling current of this wicked system of things.

Young believer BEWARE! Satan seeks to cut short the work of grace in your heart!

As a fowler spreads his net to catch the unwary bird, so Satan will spread his net to catch you! He will sow weeds to choke the good seeds in your mind.

He will come as an angel of light to deceive you! And as a roaring lion to scare you.

He will do his best to intrigue you. And use his cleverest snares to entangle you.

He will try to discourage you into unbelief. He will try to fling you back into the river.

He will try to starve you to death by keeping you from the written word.

Young Christian be warned! But at the same time be comforted for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.


Surely that is what Satan says about the intending soul winner. Don't just get busy inside the church!

Go out the highways and hedges and be sure to take Jesus with you. Don'the let the enemy drown your high resolve.

Keep on! Don't let him kill the Baby! -Copyright Sharon Dorival 2016

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