• Sharon Dorival


I worry about no one. I'm writing my story. They don't have to listen If they think it offends. I see them all looking Just staring and gossiping. And I wonder if that's the best they can do?

My mind often wander to things I should do Like Praying the rosary Forgiving others And Definitely forgetting.

And maybe I should go find out the Secret of Joy. God First. Others Next. Self Last.

Some think that joy comes by the reverse order.

And This is the mistake which lies behind The worship of Wealth The Passion for Power And The Pursuit of Pleasure.

Sooner or later they'll find out that they are so wrong.

The secret of Joy lies in OTHERISM. The going out of one's heart towards others.


Is no man at all!

Yes! Selfism to Otherism.

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small parcel.

OTHERISM! Let the world burn in your mind.

Like a flame shot into a dark room, It exposes man's fundamental error.

When touched by another's need, And we sacrifice to give succor, We find our hearts aflame with a glorious joy that has come unsought!

Must we roam far to find glory?


The secret of joy lies behind our own doors.

The secret of Joy is in OTHERISM. Copyright Sharon Dorival 2016

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