• Sharon Dorival

The Voice of De Hour

The voice of de hour to you and to me is PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! There is a hostile world attacking the church today. ... Please allow prayer to arrest your eyes! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Still a beleaguered church is praying without ceasing. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! The sharp end of the royal sword still drips with the blood of Apostle James! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Peter the leader was fastened with chains! Held behind doors which no one could unlock! Due for trial the very next morning! But prayer The results Angels to the rescue! Chains were unloosed! Prison doors opened! Peter was delivered! Herod struck dead! Bring God into things. Don't be under the spell cast by material bigness! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Copyright Sharon Dorival 2016

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