• Sharon Dorival

A Life of sacrifice

Excerpt from A Life Of Sacrifice by Sharon Dorival

This book is based on what I ( Sharon Dorival) hold as truths about the life I have lived. However, since there is never only one way to tell a story, the people who know me may well have experienced and remember differently the events and actions here portrayed. The book is the circumstances of my life. It includes Journals, letters, poetry and songs. These are my words. Letters to me from friends, loved ones and acquaintances. This is my gift of words to you. You will find detail widening into incidents, stories, humour. At first this was confusing, even disorienting to collect, sort out and pen. I hope you catch the tone of my inflection to understand how exactly the incidents I am remembering connect to expand the images I am trying to explain from my vivid mind. I would have liked to tell you the story face to face but this is not possible. I hope this book will give you a good flavour of what happened to me. " I am a woman of many faces. The only feelings you will ever get from me is one of my faces, I am the face of change." Reading has helped me think and write. Since coming to Canada in 1999, my imagistic insights have widened into longer, much more coherent explorations and descriptions. The written language of my perceptions and my natural oral-story-telling ability have grown immensely, to become acute, distinctive and often beautiful. The selection, compilation and arrangement of events and details in this book were done in an honest and accurate manner. The actual names of people are not used other than that of my biological mother and father. All others are pseudonyms. Also the spelling, punctuation, and grammar have been left as they were written. -Sharon Dorival Camrose, October 2014

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