• Sharon Dorival

Excerpt From the series Longger-Jo

Longger-Jo was detained in school a few minutes after the class was dismissed, and on coming out into the school yard from the tall flight of stairs that led to the upstairs hallway, the first thing he saw was a big ring of boys and girls. They were applauding Choupiet who was holding Kervin by the collar.

"Take that! You bloody sneak," said Choupiet giving Kervin a cuff on the head with his other hand," Why did you tell Mister Macpherson-"

"Hey!" Longger-Jo said rushing into the ring. "You drop that. Choupiet. You will not lay a finger on him."

"Who'll stop me?" asked the bully, raising his hand again to hit Kervin.

"I will," said Longger-Jo; and just to drive his point home he struck the arm which held Kervin's collar so sharply, that the bully dropped it with a start and turned the full current of his wrath on Longger-Jo.

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